The heart of ten small towns in the Deerfield River Valley.






Bridge of Flowers        


The Shelburne Falls area endless opportunities to get out and explore. Road bikers will find the hills challenging going up, exhilarating coming down. Mt. bikers have to be more adventurous on our back woods trails, full of surprises. The snow lovers have their choice of groomed downhill or semi-flat x-country trails. Snowmobile riders take over the Mt. bike trails in the winter. Summer offers swimming, boating and fishing opportunities on our many lakes and rivers.


Arts & Crafts

You name it, some artisan is probably creating that special art piece right here in these hills.

With a deep tradition of artistry and craftsmanship, the area now boasts an exciting assortment of art and crafts that range from the beautifully traditional through the practical to the forward edge of exquisitely modern and innovative design.

Every medium is represented here – from metal to glass, stone to fabric, oils to clay, or wood to wool – you can find an artist at work in our area. This is a landscape peopled by those who have used their hands for centuries and now are joined by the next wave of craftsmen and artists. Come and discover the art and crafts inspired by the beauty and tranquility of these hills cross-pollinated with the urban and international.



Western New England has a rich history dating back to the first colonies in New England, and before that, centuries of Native American lore. Shelburne Falls is build around Salmon Falls, a traditional fishing site where Native Americans filled their larders with salmon spawning upstream from the Connecticut River.

The tradition continued through the Industrial Revolution, with early metal foundries and factories which produced tools and machinery for early farmers. Today that history is captured in numerous museums and histories societies in many of the area towns.



Within only a few blocks, you will find all sorts of unique shops. There are several book stores, gift boutiques, two locally owned grocery stores and plenty of places to find a good cup of coffee.