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Shelburne Falls was featured on ABC 5's Chronicle as their "Mystery Town". Watch this great video for lots of hints of what mystery town they are profiling. Yes, you know the answer but watch it anyway.

Then watch this video which reveals the answer.

"The Reveal"

Close your eyes and think of a great American road. Whatever ribbon of highway is unfurling across your mental windshield, it’s probably not in Massachusetts. But the state that gave America Jack Kerouac also built the Mohawk Trail, a Berkshire Mountains-straddling, automotive-age incarnation of an ancient Native American footpath between the Hudson and Connecticut River valleys.

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Up in the highlands of western Massachusetts, a Brigadoon lies squirreled away in the dense forest.

The Deerfield River bisects Shelburne Falls, along the scenic Mohawk Trail. Indians fished for salmon at the falls on the Deerfield River here in the 17th century; Europeans settled here in the 18th century. After the Mohawk Trail, designated a scenic road, opened early in the 20th century, touring families began to discover the attractions of this town, named for William Petty, Earl of Shelburne. And now, 100 years later, explorers have arrived from out West.

In the last year, Hollywood has made Shelburne Falls the cinematic canvas for two movies. Overnight, with a little window dressing, this village can mutate into other places or eras. Any morning, townsfolk could wake up in a Colonial village, the Wild West or even Indiana.

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38th Annual Bridge of Flowers Road Race
Sat, Aug 13th, 2016

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8:15 AM Steve Lewis Subaru 3k Charity Run Walk
9:00 AM 10K Classic

10K Course Description: The first 2 mile loop is mostly shaded & flat that starts in the center of the village on the iron bridge next to the Bridge of Flowers. On the second loop the first 1/2 mile is pretty steep, but shaded uphill, it starts as a pavement surface turning to a dirt country lane. This is followed by 70% shaded flats and downhills on pavement to the finish line on Bridge Street. It's a great spectator course!


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