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BECKY ASHENDEN & JOHN LENI MARCY: Nordic Journey Vävstuga Weaving School & Fabric of Life
From Friday, April 16, 2021 -  10:00am
To Thursday, June 10, 2021 - 05:00pm
 Contact (413) 625-9833 or salmonfalls@megaplanet.com

NORDIC JOURNEY is a collaborative effort of weaver Becky Ashenden and photographer John Leni Marcy. Becky is the founder of Vävstuga Weaving School and the 501©3 nonprofit Fabric of Life. Both organizations are dedicated to teaching and promoting traditional crafts and skills. Vävstuga focuses on Swedish textile weaving; Fabric of Life widens the scope by offering workshops in agriculture, cooking, construction, music, community and other necessary activities from a simpler time. Fabric of Life’s goal is to help traditional skills flourish in our modern world.

The exhibit at Salmon Falls Gallery, opening March 1, serves to introduce our public to the programs coming through Vävstuga and Fabric of Life. Rich woolen blankets, table linens, curtains, rugs, all woven by Becky, will be on display. Certainly this is a testament to the vast repertoire of techniques that Becky has mastered and teaches. Marcy’s exceptional photographs give context to the exhibit. Some will be of the Nordic regions he and Ashenden visited that are home to these weaving techniques, while others introduce you to the Bassett Homestead, in Shelburne, MA, home to both the organizations.

Becky’s passion, focus and expertise for Swedish/Nordic weaving has brought students from all over the world to participate in her classes.  John Leni Marcy has earned his living through his photographic work his entire adult life. He has played a key part since the inception of Fabric of Life and serves on its Board.

Nordic Journey can be seen March 1 – April 25 at Salmon Falls Gallery in Shelburne Falls, MA. Gallery hours are Friday – Monday 10am -5pm. For more information navigate to SalmonFallsGallery.com, or call the gallery at 413.625.9833. 

Location Salmon Falls Gallery