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Special Events

Special Events

Rebecca Clark: Along the River
Wednesday, June 15, 2016, 10:00am - 05:00pm
 Contact Donna Gates

Salmon Falls Gallery has loved the artwork of Deerfield artist Rebecca Clark since 2010 when she first started exhibiting here. Her works give one the best of pastel drawing, a soft tactile look combined with intense color, all blended into the fanciful abstractions she calls her Patty Pan Series, her works in pastel.

The drawing titled Along the River is #296 in the Patty Pan Series and it is the piece anchoring this solo exhibit. Some images are easily identified as being truly along the river; you will recognize the mountains, sky and flora. Other drawings move away from the representational sense of this rare place and brief moment of time we spend here. Clark lives near the Deerfield River and among the rolling hills just south of Greenfield. Her work reflects the harmony between the lovely silvery water, towering hills, abundant flowers and greens, and those ever changing clouds above. It also begs us to play and imagine the scenes in a completely new way, maybe the way the 4-year-old within each of us might see lollipop trees towering over hills that look small and quite manageable against their size.

Come meet the artist, and let yourself play with her images, a task completely good for your soul! Exhibit runs through June 27, reception is Sunday, May 15, 4-6pm. For directions and more information go to www.SalmonFallsGallery.com.

Location Salmon Falls Gallery