Special Events

Special Events

Juliet Seaver: Buddha Nature
Thursday, March 17, 2016, 10:00am - 05:00pm
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seaver.buddha.smallupstairs gallery: Buddha Nature by Juliet Seaver
reception: Saturday, March 26, 4-6pm
music: Patricia Raviele, Harp

Artist's statement

"Several years ago I was ill with a mild but exhausting version of Lyme Disease. ... and I found myself meditating and praying for healing.

One afternoon I came out of a deep sleep with very clear instructions: "Get the silkscreen you once made of Buddha. Print copies of it and paint each one differently. You can show how our Buddha nature is beneath all the stories, emotions and circumstances."

I followed these instructions precisely. I set up a painting studio in the basement and began painting and painting and painting for one year." --Juliet Seaver

This exhibit at Salmon Falls shows 22 of the images Seaver painted, everything fromGreening of Spring Buddha to Sitting with Difficult Emotions Buddha. The exhibit is certainly a visual diary of her year, emotionally and seasonally, as the natural world is reflected in these images as well the human emotions we all sit with.

Location Salmon Falls Gallery