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Remembrance of Our Past: Inspiration From The 1800s Women Abolitionists For Our Times
Sunday, February 24, 2019, 02:00pm - 04:00pm
 Contact Donna Gates: salmonfalls@megaplanet.com

This presentation was cancelled last winter due to weather; let's hope it's a fine day this year!

Fifteen years ago, fellow Librarians Mary Boehmer and Bambi Miller embarked upon a journey to illuminate the nineteenth century story of the Dorsey family, freedom seekers from Liberty, Maryland, and the Leavitt family, staunch abolitionists of Charlemont. Through the efforts of over two hundred community members, echoing the footsteps of the nineteenth century women and men and the work they contributed towards the cause, Charlemont was awarded two designations from the National Parks Service "Network to Freedom."

This retrospective exhibit reflects how we became inspired to present our collective history in a format that is illuminating and engaging. Through adapting nineteenth century documents into a chronological scrapbook, crafting a story of the Dorsey and Leavitt families' connections, we have been able to share through public presentations the abolitionist activities of Western Massachusetts. Inspired by the collected history and through books, part of the exhibit includes contemporary Underground Railroad quilts created during many quilting bee workshops, historical artifacts and facsimiles used for our "Remembrance of Our Past" reenactments, African sculptures and created fabric angels. Further inspiration presented itself in the Sankofa symbol's meaning "remembering our past, to protect our future.”

Hands & Hearts to Cloth will be Sunday, February 24 from 2-4 p.m. Charlemont librarians Mary Boehmer and Bambi Miller will trace the role local Abolitionist women played gathering petitions, public speaking and creating quilts to generate funds for the support of the Underground Railroad Movement. Inspired by the nineteenth century ladies' activities, and following in their footsteps, discussion will revolve around the efforts of one hundred contemporary women and their quilting participation, bringing to light our community's past.

Location Salmon Falls Gallery