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Volunteer Training Day at the Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum
Saturday, May 18, 2019, 10:00am
 Contact Tony Jewell 413-625-9201, 413-834-0481, tonyj@crocker.com, or Sam Bartlett, 413-624-0192.

Training Day at the Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum is held for all returning and new volunteers. Those who have been on the operating crew for Trolley No. 10 can be re-certified so they are ready for the current season. Anyone wishing to join the volunteers, whether to be part of the operating team, or those who wish to offer their services such as carpenters, painters, welders, ticket sales, gift shop sales, or whatever you would like to help out with are welcome to attend the training program. To obtain more information on the volunter program, call Tony Jewell at 413-625-9201 or 413-834-0481, or via email.

Lunch will be provided for everyone attending the training session, so if you plan to attend, and are not contacting one of the above,  please email us and put SFTM in the subject line with your name and a brief message introducing yourself and your interests.

Location Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum, Shelburne Falls