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Special Events

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Special Events

Art Opening: Piper Glass & Steel: Garden Structures and Ornaments
Saturday, June 01, 2019, 03:00pm - 05:00pm
 Contact  salmonfalls@megaplanet.com or (413) 625-9833

Garden Structures and Ornaments: works by Piper Glass & Steel

Inspiration for your garden is on its way! Piper Foreso of Piper Glass & Steel has transformed one of our featured exhibit spaces into a whimsy-filled garden. Featured will be stakes topped by birds and other fine animals, glass shapes for the sun to illuminate and totally fun pieces to hang from trees or garden hook or, in our case, the ceiling of the gallery. All these works are meant to be outside making your garden magical.

Piper thinks some of the exhibit might live just outside the gallery entrance in what could be our garden with a bit more love. As Piper says, this is an exhibit to show you “A variety of structures and decorations that provide visual interest, functional support, and fun in the garden. Materials used include steel, stainless steel, glass, and wood. Inspired by the beauty, magic, and endless possibilities of gardening!”

I believe Piper’s enthusiasm will be contagious, a very good thing for your garden. Join us Saturday, June 1 from 3-5pm to celebrate, with music by Chris Eriquezzo. Exhibit can be viewed May 3 through June 30. For more information, visit the Salmon Falls Gallery website or call the gallery at 413.625.9833.

Location Salmon Falls Gallery