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Special Events

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Special Events

Art Opening: Karen Iglehart: Entering Color Through Abstraction
Sunday, September 08, 2019, 03:00pm - 05:00pm
 Contact (413) 625-9833 or salmonfalls@megaplanet.com

Exhibit: September 6 - October 27
Reception: September 8, 3-5pm

This series of oil paintings marks a departure for Leverett painter Karen Iglehart. An artist since the mid-1970s, Iglehart is both painter and photographer, with an eye for the simplicity in the images she finds around her. Her Cottage Street studio in Easthampton has been full of landscapes, all very close to abstraction, but still one knew they were looking at land, sky and/or water. This exhibit shows only paintings in which color and shape relate to each other, and to the space within which they are found, the canvas. In the artist’s words:

"Part of my impulse to paint comes from my connection to Buddhism and a desire to create and share a space that is not filled with commentary, story lines, or thoughts to fill one's mind. Actually, I am trying to create space that allows the mind to stop, or at least pause. I would like the viewer to feel an ‘out breath,’ a space to move into.

“A few years ago I renewed my interest in photography after a visit to Venice, Italy. I was taken with the possibilities of color, shapes, and movement in the water there. These photographs led me to more abstraction in my painting, and the painting related back to more abstraction in the photography. Both media speak to me, and I am enjoying the conversation between the two.
“I have worked with abstraction of landscape for quite a while and recently moved into total abstraction, using layers of color to create space. I have been working in layers in all my previous landscape paintings, but now the color and layer takes primary presence. In terms of my actual process, color is important in my work, and therefore I spend a lot of time mixing paints. To contrast the openness of color areas, I use pencil as a type of calligraphic mark, meant to cut through the space and express an energy that is very personal and immediate. A mark ‘without thought’.”

Location Salmon Falls Gallery