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Special Events

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Special Events, Featured Events

Saturday, September 28, 2019, 09:00am - 05:00pm
 Contact (413) 625-9443 or trolley@sftm.org

Trolleyfest is our annual celebration of the restoration of Trolley No. 10.

The public is invited from 11am to 5pm at our regular $4.00 All-Day Pass rate. Members, as always, get to ride free!

Besides the usual trolley car rides and pump car rides, activities include:

  • Speeder (aka Motorcar, aka Putt-Putt) Rides
  • Wooden and electric trains to play with
  • Send a message via telegraph
  • 1:15pm -Marie Betts Bartlett reads her book "The Little Yellow Trolley Car"
  • Special Trolleyfest Activities 11am-3pm:
    • Snacks available for purchase
    • Music by "Whistle Stop"
    • Maple products from Davenport Maple Farm for sale
    • Velocipede demonstrations
    • Raffle drawing - see our Raffle page to buy tickets ahead of time.
    • Railroad paraphernalia tag sale
    • Expanded offering of Lionel, K-Line and other toy trains, track, etc for sale
    • Railroad movies shown throughout the day
    • Trolley Era re-enactors riding the trolley
  • Hands-on demonstrations of Trolley Era activities that relate to industries served by the trolley line 11am-3pm:
    • Cider pressing and sampling
    • Hands-on Butter making and sampling
    • Toolmaking with the Museum of Our Industrial Heritage
    • Games from 1900
    • Hands-on Weaving on adult and child friendly looms
    • Milk a 'Cow'
    • Copper Polishing with Apple Cider Vinegar

Check back for other activities.

Location 14 Depot Street, Shelburne Falls