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Second Saturday in Shelburne Falls

2nd sat fall 2017

Every Second Saturday

Enjoy our unusual small businesses,
meet the artists,
relish the food of our restaurants,
walk in natural beauty,
and experience HOME.

Saturday, October 14 - Come for the leaves, stay for the local businesses:

Salmon Falls Gallery (1 Ashfield St):

Explorations in Felt: Texture and Color
100 Pinch Pots, an installation

Felt artist Liz Canali has worn many artistic hats throughout her life: silversmith, graphic artist & web designer, teacher and now felting has caught her full attention. After viewing the documentary To Spring from the Hand: The Life and Work of Paulus Berensohn, she became inspired, thinking that she could pinch a pot in felt similar to the way Paulus was pinching pots in clay in the film. In her own words:

“Overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas when I began this series, I knew I had to just start!  I used the meditative and playful wayPaulus Berenhson created pinch pots as inspiration for my “100 pinch pots” installation. As I made each pot, I saw the series begin to evolve. Each is similar but different, encouraging the viewer to take time with each felted pot, noticing the outside, encouraged to look inside as well.

“The series of vessels became an experiment in landscape and formation. The viewer is provoked to explore the artworks up close in detail, and to see them as a whole from a distance. The textures, shapes and colors combine to produce a tactile, organic result. I am creating a sense of dimension and texture. I see cracks in the side walk and in old building walls. I feel the crevices in rock formations. I am inspired by photography and pastel art and how color is used in these media. I’m fascinated with the versatility of felt and the rich history of its production and uses. I know I will continue to explore.”


Liz Canali discovered felting six years ago, first through needle felting and then through wet felting and hat making. Her explorations into illumination (making globes and shades for lamps) has played a big part in her evolution as a felt artist. She has experimented and researched felt making, finding new and different techniques and textural directions.

On Sunday, October 8 from 2-4pm, join Liz Canali and Donna Gates, Salmon Falls Gallery Director, in a presentation called Ode to Paulus Berensohn. Those attending will see the documentary film To Spring from the Hand: The Life and Work of Paulus Berensohn followed by a pinch pot demonstration in both felt and clay.  Donna will pinch a pot in clay while Liz pinches in felt in side-by-side demonstrations. The techniques are amazingly similar.

 Liz has worked at Salmon Falls Gallery for the past five years as gallery staff, graphic designer, web designer and awesome display and exhibit help; all round wonderful employee. She and her husband Al will be moving to Florida a few days after her reception. She will be missed. Consider the reception a fabulous going away party for Liz & Al! Come help us celebrate Saturday, October 14, 4-6pm, artwork by Liz Canali, music by Al Canali and friends. The exhibit runs September 1 through October 29. For more information, or call the gallery at 413.625.9833.

Photo Right: “When Many Act as One: 100 felted pinch pots” by Liz Canali, 2017, felted wool

IMG 0989

Shelburne Arts Cooperative (26 Bridge St): "We Just Felt Like It: Four Feltmakers, Four Directions" will be the featured exhibit at the Shelburne Arts Co-op from September 27 through October 30.  Lynn Perry's landscapes, animal figures and masks, Flo Rosenstock's mushroom and fungus inspired wall sculptures, Sue McFarland's wall hangings with embedded natural materials, and Paul Cohen's kinetic, levitating characters operated by wooden gears represent distinctive ways of working with the medium of felt.   The artists utilize both needle felting and wet felting techniques.

The Co-op is located at 26 Bridge Street in Shelburne Falls, and is open Sunday,  Monday,  Wednesday  and Thursday  11 - 5 pm, Friday and Saturday 11 - 8pm.   The gallery is closed Tuesdays.

An artist reception will be held on Saturday, October 14, 2 - 5 pm.    413-625-9324


Molly Cantor Pottery (20 Bridge St): Fall Colors - Check out Molly's new work from the wood kiln! 

Thank you to our sponsors!

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