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Maple Sugaring: From Tree to Table
Saturday, February 29, 2020, 01:00pm - 08:00pm
 Contact office@fabric-of-life.org

Saturday, February 29th (Saturday, March 14th – Inclement Weather Date)

Duration: 7 hours

Class Time: 1 – 8 PM; includes workshop, pancake dinner and film

Location: 80 Bassett Road, Shelburne MA 01370

Cost (includes materials): sliding scale of $75 to $105

# of Participants: 10

Instructor: David Cantieni

David Cantieni is all about finding Yankee solutions to the problem at hand. A book detailing how to build a garden tool shed became the basis for his house. He’s been building and making ever since. David’s own sugar shack is a modified timberframe, and is a liberal interpretation of the Sugarhouse Design book from Bascom Maple Farms in Alstead, NH.

Program Description

Envelope yourself in the process of Maple Sugaring – from tree to table. Learn the steps to harvesting and processing maple syrup, dive into sugarhouse design, visit a maple grove, learn how to identify maples by bark and tree shape and tap a tree. Stay for a pancake dinner and a viewing of Ben’s Mill.

1-5 PM – Workshop: includes information on tap whittling , the maple process, sugarhouse design, a site visit/design discussion, maple tree ID and a maple tapping exercise.

5:30 PM – Pancake Supper

7 PM – Ben’s Mill film showing

Location 80 Bassett Road, Shelburne, MA 01370